In ORQUERA Shoeshine salon we specialize in shoe repair and we believe in the soul of the artisan, that’s why we support it above the industrial.

The repair of shoes is another area in which our reputation precedes us and we stand out.

We restore footwear, garments and accessories to make them equal or better than when they were new.

Part of what sets us apart when we talk about shoe repair is the quality of the product we work with and the commitment we put into delivering the best, as we do not skimp on offering the best quality in all aspects.

Salamanca Neighborhood Madrid

When we perform the repairs or repairs of shoes or boots we are pleased to see the satisfaction of our customers to see that article that they like so much and that was almost lost, to become a garment that in sight is completely new.

The artisan is what stands out here since every detail is looked at, studied and practiced with an almost surgical precision that is what makes us special.

We have a free home delivery service that includes collection and delivery at no additional cost.




Part of what differentiates us is that you do not need to be near us since if you are in Madrid we can go pick up your shoes, make the repairs you need and take it home without transport costs, you can count on the excellent quality of ORQUERA and all the requests you can do it completely Online.